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Jabra Pro 920 Manual

Before getting started: 

1. Open the Jabra Pro 920 Manual << Click Here

Get familiar with how to setup and use your Jabra Pro 920..

For any reason you have trouble getting your headset setup and working, contact us before doing anything else.


Common troubleshooting FAQ

Q: Why can't I answer/end calls away from the phone?

A: If you didn't order the Lifter or EHS accessory to go with your Jabra Pro 920, you'll be required to answer/end calls at the phone. Contact us to verify which accessory is compatible


Q: What do I do if the headset is broken or missing parts when my order arrives?

A: In either case contact us and we will have missing parts replaced or a warranty replacement expedited out in the case of a broken headset.


Q: I have echo in my headset, what do I do?

A: Don't worry, echo in a wireless headset is common. This means we either have the compatibility switch off or the the volumes need to be balanced out.

1. Start by turning you desk phone volume down around 50-75% volume.

2. In the back of the charging base, there's a compatibility dial labeled A-G. In most cases this setting needs to stay on A, B or D.

3. Turn the microphone volume down (located in the back of the charging base) 2-4 times.

4. Click the volume down a couple times on the Pro 920 headset

NOTE: Sometimes it takes balancing out a mix of headset, desk phone and charging base volumes to get rid of the echo. 


Q: Can I connect the Pro 920 to a mobile phone or computer?

A: No. The Jabra Pro 920 is designed for your desk phone only. You would want the Jabra Pro 930 in order to connect with your computer.


Q: How come I can't connect with a cell phone?

A: The Jabra Pro 920 operates on a technology called DECT 6.0 and not Bluetooth. 


Q: How come my headset won't turn on?

A: First make sure you've charged the headset for at least 30 minutes. Secondly, the Jabra Pro 920 headset may need to be paired to the charging base.

1. Dock the Pro 920 headset in the base.

2. Press the multi-function (On/Off button) for 1-2 seconds. The headset LED will begin to flash. Forced pairing will take between 10 seconds - 2 minutes.

3. When paired successfully, the battery indicator will turn green (or red if the headset battery is low)


Q: Is it possible to update the firmware?

A: Yes, but you would need the Jabra Pro 920 service cable and the Jabra Direct would need to be downloaded. 



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